FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1-    What is necessary to board my dog?

–          The guest needs to be up to date with his vaccines (V8 or V10, anti-rabis and anti-flu). He also needs to be free of and protected from parasites (fleas and ticks).

–          It is important that he is not aggressive with humans and has a minimum degree of social skills with other dogs.

–          If your dog is a female she must not be in reproduction period.

2-    How exactly will be my dog´s stay?

Our approach focus on making sure the guests feel entertained throughout their days here. Always supervised, they play, socialize, exercise and have lots of fun. We have a number of activities and those are carefully selected to adjust to every specific guest.

3-     What do I need to send?

The vaccination card as well as the leash and collar for those who will be transported by us. We advise against sending many personal items, especially toys and bowls.

4- Is food provided?

We use the very best food available, Royal Canin, which we provide to our guests with no additional cost. We do, however, suggest that the guest´s feeding pattern should be maintained so if he is used to another brand of dog food the best would be to bring that specific type of food.

5 – My dog has never been in a dog hotel? How will he react?

Almost all our guests have a great time here and adapt very easily within the first 24 hours. However, for older dogs or dogs that don’t walk frequently or dogs that have never been away from their owners we recommend that the owners come visit our premises with their pets before boarding them. If the stay intended is 5 days or longer than a shorter stay of 2 or 3 days will help him adapt faster when the longer stay comes.

6 – When can I visit the premises?

Visiting is always very positive for both the dog and his owner. The visits can be made every day except holydays from 14 to 17 o’clock.

7 – My dog takes/is taking medication. Will the treatment be followed?

Yes. All we need is the directions in writing and the medication that will be used. Some more delicate procedures may implicate in an additional fee.

8 – Do you provide transportation?

Yes. Our transportation is available from Monday to Friday.


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